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Building a new home is exciting, and planning the exterior is an important step. Here are five essential considerations when designing your new home’s exterior:

  1. Architectural Style Your home’s architectural style will dictate many exterior elements, like the style of windows, and the kind of siding. Make sure your choices are consistent with the overall style of your home.
  2. Durability Consider the long-term when choosing materials. You want materials that are durable and will withstand the elements, especially if you live in an area with extreme weather.
  3. Maintenance Some materials require more maintenance than others. If you prefer a low-maintenance home, consider materials like vinyl siding.
  4. Energy Efficiency Your choices can significantly impact your home’s energy efficiency. Energy-efficient windows, and insulated siding can all contribute to lower energy costs.
  5. Local Building Codes Check your local building codes. These regulations may limit your options or require specific elements for new builds in your area.

The U.S. Department of Energy offers resources on energy-efficient home design which can be helpful as you plan your new home’s exterior.

In planning your home’s exterior, remember that this is your opportunity to express your personal style while also making practical decisions that will impact your home’s durability and efficiency. Working with experienced professionals, like those at Ridgeline Home Exteriors, can provide you with the guidance you need to create a beautiful and functional home exterior.